We will give you professional feedback on your:

  • Song
  • Production
  • Lyrics
  • Mix
  • Recording skills

Have you ever wondered what the professionals think about your music and skills?

Are you struggling to create that killer track and need some pointers?

Do you need help to get the mix right?

Are you planning to purchase recording equipment but need help choosing?

Book us for a friendly and fun zoom experience to chat about your music. We think it will be an eye-opener!



Zoom call with feedback on your music30 minutes

  • 99 dollars

Zoom call with feedback on your music – 45 minutes

  • 139 dollars


PS: DO NOT SEND US FILES ON EMAIL. ALL FILES WILL BE DELETED. We only accept links AFTER we have responded with information on how-to through email.

Please use the following form to get more info and book time: